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Lego Bricks

Lego™ Club is a fun, Lego™-themed group that is designed to build the social competence of children with autism spectrum disorder and social communication difficulties. Through participation in Lego™ Club children learn and practice a range of social skills such as:

  • working in a team
  • sharing and turn-taking
  • negotiating appropriately with peers
  • giving and listening to instructions
  • using eye contact and appropriate body language
  • having conversations
  • enjoying playing together to achieve a goal
Lego™ Club training will provide you with all the information you need to set up a Lego™ Club at your school. The training covers:
  • the theory and evidence underpinning the Lego™ Club approach
  • the structure of how the Lego™ Club runs each session
  • your role as a Lego™ Club facilitator
  • behaviour management strategies
  • Lego™ Club rules and visual supports
  • suggestions for Lego™ sets to purchase
  • the Lego™ Club points system: from Lego™ Novice to Lego™ Champion!
Lego™ Club training is offered to Teachers, Speech Pathologists and Education Support Officers.
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